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Turkey Boas with Stripped Coque - Shocking Pink/Black

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Turkey Boas with Stripped Coque - Shocking Pink/Black

Economy Turkey Boas with Stripped Rooster Coque Tails are 2 yards (6 ft) long, and approx 4-6" in diameter, (w/stripped coque 8-9" diameter). These luxurious looking boas are made from quality Turkey feathers with wide tips and have iridescent black stripped couqe feathers sewn into it. This is a VERY beautiful boa for not a lot of money, making it the "Best Bang For Your Buck Boas".

Stripped coque feathers are Rooster feathers that have been stripped, exposing the stem and leaving the rounded tip, giving a whimsical appearance.

Turkey boas can be cut with wire cutters without unraveling as feathers are sewn on to a nylon cord and cotton-covered wire. The cotton-covered wire helps the boa keep its shape and not come untwisted which enables it to be used as a "Rental" boa. This product is part of our Turkey Boas category.

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