About Us


Zucker Feather Products has been in business since 1872 and is currently the leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier for feather products within the industry. We service diverse business and trade professions from costume to couture including Craft, Costume, Fashion & Jewelry Design, Bridal, Lingerie, Millinery, Holiday & Décor, in addition to stage and screen for Theater, Television, Film and Music Industries. Our feather supplies include Peacock feathers, Ostrich feathers, Pheasant feathers, Turkey feathers, Rooster/Chicken feathers, Duck, Goose & Guinea feathers that are available in bulk quantities or smaller packages for resale. We offer factory direct prices for manufactured goods that are sold world-wide for items such as feather boas, angel wings, feather masks and headdresses, feather fans, feather fashion accessories and much more. We also supply feathers for fly-fishing and salt-water fishing.

Zucker Feather Products always strives to be a step ahead of competition in quality, pricing, customer service, and product options.  Our goal is to stay on top of style and color trends for every season to make us the most fashion-forward, and cutting-edge vendor within the feather supply industry.  

At Zucker Feather Products, our Customer Service team understands that our clientele is full of creative artists, designers, decorators, and more.  We enjoy helping our buyers out when it comes to selecting feather styles, or finished feather goods, in order to complete a vast array of special projects, and production needs.  Custom dying and product manufacturing is also available for those looking for more personalized products and designs.