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Skull Caps for Headdresses - White

Skull Caps for Headdresses - White


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Skull Caps for Headdresses - White

This custom made Skull Cap Headdress Form measures 8.75" long, 6.5" wide, and 5.5" high and the overall circumference is 23-24. This skull cap is made from a durable plastic, heavy enough to hold large feather arrangements, yet light enough so it is comfortable to wear. Zucker Feathers had this skull cap designed and molded as a base for creating either simple, or large, elaborate feather headdresses. It is molded in a complete "hat" style, but the front is made so that you can cut out if you'd like to fit any shape. For a tighter or softer interior fit, you can line with fabric, gaffers tape, or flexible craft foam sheets. Many people take the "cut out" section and glue to top of cap and use as a support for longer feathers. The glossy finish gives you the option to use as is, or rough up surface of the mask with a fine grade of steel wool before applying paint. Also very easy to cover with fabric, leather and feathers directly to the glossy surface. This base is an empty canvas to bring out the designer in you.

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