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Plastic Fan Stave - Beige

Plastic Fan Stave - Beige


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Feather Fan Stave

Plastic fan staves are perfect for making DIY Feather Fans.
The full width of this fan base when open measures 10.5 x 19 inches (26.67 x 48.26 cm).
There is a maximum strength thread tied and glued to each stave that can be easily removed and adjusted to achieve the desired width of each stave depending on the size of feathers used.
You can reinforce the thread on each stave already in place by wrapping with felt so feathers adhere more securely.

See our selection of Ostrich Plumes to create a large full Feather Fan.
Add Peacock Feathers for a dramatic effect, Or use our Turkey Marabou with Pheasant Feathers for a Unique Carnival Creation!

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