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Owl Mask and Fall Mix Boa Set

Owl Mask and Fall Mix Boa Set


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Set includes Owl Mask and Fall Mix Chandelle Boa. Multi-Color Lightweight Chandelle Feather Boa is 2 yards (6 ft) long and approximately 4-4.5 inches in diameter. These fluffy boas are made from small turkey feathers called flats. Lightweight boas are the thinnest and most popular size of the chandelle boas due to its great value. Multi-colored boas can be a combination of 2-6 colors of feathers that are sewn together to make a fun boa that stands out. Chandelle boas can be cut without unraveling as feathers are sewn on to a cotton cord. Owl mask includes an elastic strap and sequin trim around the eyeholes. Feathers can be lightly steamed to be revived. Glue can be used to secure feathers that come loose.

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