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Mask Form-Half Face Lightweight - White

Mask Form-Half Face Lightweight - White


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Mask Form-Half Face Lightweight - White

The Half Face Economy Mask Form is is 5.5-6" wide by 3.5" high. The color of the mask is a glossy white, eyes are large and the mask is very comfortable to wear. There are no holes on sides or elastic strap, so you can decide if you want to punch holes on sides and add an elastic strap, ribbon tie, or apply a wooden dowel rod on the side of the mask. The economy mask form is designed after our original "heavy weight" half mask form, and Zucker has their own mold for this product. The glossy finish gives you the option to use as is, or rough up surface of the mask with a fine grade of steel wool before applying paint or gold leaf.

This product is part of our Packaged Feathers - Mask Forms category.

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