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Marabou Feather Fan Sectional - Red/Regal

Marabou Feather Fan Sectional - Red/Regal


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Section-Colored Marabou Feather Fans are handmade with multi-colored soft Marabou Feathers. When fully open, this fan measures 11x20 inches. This fan has 21 decorative plastic staves, each connected with a color coordinated tassel tied metal ring. Multi-Colored Marabou feathers are arranged in sections of 2-6 colors, each stave alternating in color, leaving approx 4" of stave showing at the bottom. Our color combos include ; (S/V) Section Vibrant, (R/RE) Red/Regal, (BL/W) Black/White.

This product is part of our Feather Fans & Fan Staves - Marabou Feather Fans category.

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