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1 PC Golden Pheasant Center Tails 20-30" - Natural

1 PC Golden Pheasant Center Tails 20-30" - Natural


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Enhance your creations with the exquisite Natural Golden Pheasant Center Tail Feathers. These feathers create an umbrella effect as they drape over the stem of the quill. Ranging in size from 20 to 30 inches, they come in a 1-piece package. The feathers are approximately 1/2" wide on each side of the quill near the base and widen to approximately 1" through the body before tapering to a 1/5" point at the top. The Natural Golden Pheasant Tail Feathers feature a captivating golden brown color with dark natural brown, zebra-like markings throughout the body. At this length, the very top of the feather showcases a beautifully light, naturally luminous tan color.

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