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African JuJu Hat Feather Wall Art and Decor - Large - Candy Pink

African JuJu Hat Feather Wall Art and Decor - Large - Candy Pink


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Made to Order - Large Decorative Feather Wall Art, Small Feather Medallion, Feather Placemats, Wall Art And Décor for Home and Office,
ZUCKER® Feather Place Originals. You choose the color!

Express your unique style with these Small Feather Medallion Wall Art And Décor Accents. Made to Order - These handmade Feather Medallions are made with Dyed 5-6" Goose Pallet Feathers that have been arranged on a 22" diameter Jute & Wood Base. Choose from a variety of colors to match your lifestyle and space. The overall dimensions measure 29-33" in diameter and has a sawtooth hanger on the back to make it easy to hang as decorative wall art. Decorate with eco friendly decor, perfect for the Modern or Bohemian home, these feather accents compliment any wall space or table setting. Pair them together or showcase them separately for a stunning display of natural beauty.

SIZE - 29 to 33 inches in diameter

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