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Small Bluebird Costume Wings


Blue Ostrich Feather Costume Wings - Bluejay Costume wings are made with Second Quality Ostrich Feathers, Fantasy Costume Feather Wings ZUCKERĀ® Original Designs

You can dress up in a family costume with extra small, small and medium sizes.  What a great group costume idea!

  • These Blue Ostrich Feather Wings are made with slightly imperfect Ostrich feathers that have been Up-Cycled to create these One of a Kind Economical Fantasy Costume Wings.
  • They have comfortable elastic arm bands & can be used for bluebird costume, bluejay costume, fairy wings costume, butterfly wings costume, fantasy, cosplay, carnival, group Halloween costumes, & family Halloween costumes
    *Second Quality Feathers will have visual imperfections.*

Revitalize your feathers with a garment steamer or tea kettle. Simply hold your feathers over the steam and give the feathers a little shake. Careful not to allow the moisture to make the feathers too wet. Shake out and air dry or blow dry with no heat.


Bluejay Costume Wings with Blue Ostrich Feathers are made of slightly imperfect ostrich feathers in a shades of blue.

With medium, small, and extra small sizes, group costumes, family costumes, mommy and me costumes are a breeze.

Medium:  31 x 28 inches

Small:   31 x 24 inches

X-Small:  29 x 21 inches

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Color Blues


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