Rooster Coque Tails-Bleach-Dyed - Fl Lilac

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Rooster Coque Tails-Bleach-Dyed
Bleached and Dyed-Rooster Coque Tails approximately 16-18 inches long are strung (sewn) together near the tip of each quill. Rooster Coque tails tend to be long, narrow feathers (about 3/4-1" wide) with a sturdy, but flexible spine. These half-bronze iridescent coque tails are stripped from their natural color through a bleaching process that turns the feathers to a beautiful light beige color. Additional color dyes are then applied to achieve beautiful designer and jewel tone colors. This is a great alternative and money saver to the white-dyed coque tails that produce very saturated, bright, vivid coloration when dyed.

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