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Bulk Peacock Swords Stem Dyed - 25-40" - 100pcs

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Peacock Swords Stem Dyed

Peacock Swords Stem Dyed

Stem Dyed Peacock Sword-Tail Feathers will range from 25-40 inches long will have natural iridescent hues of green, blue and gold, along with subtle hints of the color it has been dyed. The stem, or quill of these feathers will be dyed in a vibrant solid color. These Peacock Sword feathers are naturally curved, and have a blade-like shape with feathers extending from the right side of the quill. Peacock swords can be curled using scissors in the same manner as curling ribbon. This item is packaged with 100 pieces of both right and left side tail feathers. Mixed right and left sword tail packages are available in our Packaged Feather category in smaller quantities.

This item is a part of our Peacock Feathers - Peacock Sword Tails category.
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