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Ostrich Feather Boa Stenciled Black - White - Black - 2 yards (6 ft)

Stenciled Feather Boa Black - White - Black

Stenciled Feather Boa Black and White

The center of this boa is made with soft Turkey marabou feathers and one layer of short stenciled Ostrich feathers sewn into it. One Ply Stenciled Ostrich Feather Boas are 2 yards (6 ft) long, and approx 9" in diameter. The stenciled Ostrich feathers sewn into the boa are done through a unique dyeing process that originated in Paris that makes the feathers appear striped with two colors to give it a unique look.

Ostrich boas can be cut without unraveling as feathers are sewn on to a cotton cord.

This product is part of our Feather Boas - Ostrich Boas -Stenciled category.

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