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Feather Epaulet - Shoulder Piece - Rainbow Bright


Rainbow Shrug - Epaulette - Bright Rainbow Shoulder Pad


Rainbow Epaulette shoulder pieces drapes down over the chest from around the shoulders with feathery fancy

25 in x 24 in x 1.5 in

Perfect for burlesque, festivals, parties, costumes, night out, Carnival, parades, and Halloween

This shoulder piece or epaulette provides a fashion statement for those not faint at heart.  Easy to wear as it simply wraps around the shoulders and drapes down the chest.  Comfortable enough to wear all day, yet bold enough to make a splash.  This rainbow epaulet is perfect to wear in tight spaces with a larger crown, when a larger boa or wing would be too difficult to manage.   Perfect for a pride parade.

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Color Rainbow Bright


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