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Ostrich Feather Drabs - 1/4 pound (approx. 60 pieces) 13 -16 inch - Champagne

13-16” Ostrich Drabs - .25 lb (approx 60 pc) - Champagne

Ostrich Drabs

Ostrich Plumes come in one quarter pound, which is approximately 60 pieces.

Selected Large Ostrich Feather Drabs will range in size from 13-16 inches long and are available in a variety of colors or custom-dyed for all of your projects.
OP15 Ostrich Drabs have wispy hair-like feathers coming out from a stiff center quill (between 2-4 inches long) making the overall width approximately 4-8 inches. These long feather plumes are perfect feathers for centerpieces or feathers for crafts.

This product is part of our Ostrich Feathers - Ostrich Drabs category.

Feel free to contact us to ask if this product is appropriate for your particular use.
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Color Champagne
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